Go to Plan B

nowplanbPeople talk. And when they talk, you want them to talk about you, your products, your services and your events.

Plan B will help you create all the conversation capital that you dream of to build your brand, promote your stuff and to keep your clients coming back.

It’s good when people talk.

Why Plan B –

When choosing a consultant you want to line-up the skills and abilities of the consultant with your corporate needs. For example, if you need media attention you need to find someone who has worked in the media because, if you haven’t been on both sides, PR and media, you can miss out on a few things.

Plan B has been on both sides.

Organic advertising works, often better than display ads, so make sure the media releases that tell your story are going to be grabbed by the media and not simply deleted.

The same goes for marketing. It’s a science and something that takes years to learn and test.

Plan B has put in the years and that’s how we can be so darn efficient. Plan B is both affordable and effective.

So when what you’re doing is not working and when you’re tired of throwing money away without seeing results – go to Plan B.


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