Marketing tricks to sell a sweet home

Real estate is crazy.

If you’re not majorly discounted in price or on waterfront your listing can easily get lost.

And this is frustrating because when you have a great home to sell it seems as though no one is taking any notice. And those who do take notice peel your wallpaper and leave without making an offer. Seriously.

_DSC0269So my house is for sale. I love the house. It’s pretty much the greatest. But it’s way too big. So it’s for sale so that I can build a tiny off-grid home about ten minutes away.

MLS has been little help. Ads in the local paper have not generated interest so I decided to use my marketing skills and launch a bit of an experiment.

To begin with, I shot the house. Pretty pictures with the right light and a bit of staging.

Because we were talking about selling last year we had lots of full-bloom garden shots already available to use as well.

The photos were made into a slideshow with some nice up-beat music and posted to YouTube. From this platform I could share on social media.

But that still wasn’t enough. So I blogged about the house. And I blogged in a very non-real estate kind of way. I explained the house as I see it – which is maybe not the most traditional marketing speak but I figure that it’s going to take a creative, slightly crazeballs person to see the joy this home offers.

I threw the blog on social media and it got some traffic. But still not enough. It’s never enough.

My next go-to was launching some targeted Facebook ads that would direct traffic back to the blog. If you’re not familiar with Facebook ads I would say that they can work well in specific cases. Like now because I have a really clear idea of who will want to buy my home and with Facebook you can drill down to that demographic and then hit these potential home buyers while they creep the newsfeed.

In two days of Facebook ads I have seen the blog number increase by over 1,000 views. No offers on the house but it’s the exposure that will drive the sale. And for $30 in Facebook ads, I’m happy to pay for some exposure.

So maybe check out the blog and give it a share?

Watch the video too?


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