E Sign proposal accepted

The first ever marriage proposal ran on the E Signs in Bancroft and Maynooth on Feb. 14.

The first ever marriage proposal ran on the E Signs in Bancroft and Maynooth on Feb. 14.

With a long list of activities planned for Bancroft on Feb. 14 sure to draw large numbers to the downtown core, the team at Hospice North Hastings decided to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by posting love messages on the electronic billboards that they operate.

Hospice North Hastings partnered with the Town of Bancroft and the United Church to help support the 5th annual street hockey game and a free hot dog lunch by offering games and a family film, “The Sweater,” at the Village Playhouse. And with all those extra eyes looking up at the electronic billboard on Saturday, the love messages got noticed.

But out of all the messages running, the most attention went to a marriage proposal from Emma to Travis.

Pictures of the sign started appearing on social media as everyone tried to find out which Travis and which Emma? And then there were a few long hours before anyone knew what Travis’ answer was.

By mid-morning on Saturday the news broke that Travis White had accepted the marriage proposal from Emma Kearns and love was indeed in the air. Hospice coordinator Heather Brough quickly added a slide to the electronic sign that ran after the proposal announcing, “he said ‘Yes!’”

Hospice North Hastings operates two electronic billboards in Bancroft and Maynooth. Local events can be advertised, for free, for a week prior to the event if the event is being hosted by a not for profit. For other groups, there is a $100 weekly charge to use both signs. This is a great deal considering that the message will run many times each day and night.

For special messages – like marriage proposals – please contact Hospice for additional details.

The sign also accepts monthly sponsorships from businesses that pay a fee to support all the free event advertising. This revenue and any other funds raised from the signs goes towards helping all the programs and services provided in our community by Hospice North Hastings.

The Hospice North Hastings Team thanks everyone who shared their love messages and sends heartfelt congratulations to Emma Kearns and Travis White.

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