Love messages to be broadcast on Feb. 14

love2When you’re in love you want to tell everyone. You want to share that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and you want to run down the street shouting loudly about being in love. But because that might be somewhat disruptive, Hospice North Hastings has come up with an easier and safer option for all of those who have been hit by cupid’s sharp arrow.

On Feb. 14, for Valentines Day, the electronic billboards in downtown Bancroft and Maynooth will be running love notes all day long. Message like Fred loves Wilma, Stephen loves Laureen and Joanie Loves Chachi will fill the community with feelings of happiness.

And because Valentine’s Day shares the date with Hockey Day in Canada, Hospice North Hastings will also run messages for your beloved teams, players, coaches or heck – we’ll even accept love messages for your favourite arena.

If you’re feeling shy about professing your love – no worries – Hospice North Hastings is happy to run messages featuring the special pet name you share with your Hunny Bunny.

All of the love messages will play throughout the day and night – cycling every few minutes. And remember that there will be crowds in Bancroft and Maynooth for special activities so your message is sure to be seen, and noticed, and talked about for a really long time.

The Hospice North Hastings love messages can be booked for only $20 by calling 613.332.8014.

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