Film stars create “Big News” for Bancroft

Big-News-from-Grand-Rock_Contest-Img_1200_400_widthNorth of 7 Film Fest Fans are in for a season finale that will be unforgettable as three greats of Canadian cinema confirm their attendance for the final screening of the season.

The Canadian comedy, Big News from Grand Rock, is programmed as the final flick of the 2014/15 season and film stars Leah Pinsent, Peter Keleghan and Gordon Pinsent have accepted an invitation to take part in the special screening that will involve a live Q&A segment at the Village Playhouse.

“We started this season back in September with the well received film, The Grand Seduction, that starred Gordon Pinsent and Peter Keleghan. Our audience was ready for another great Canadian comedy so we jumped at the chance to screen their new film which gets even better because Leah Pinsent joins her family members in Big News from Grand Rock,” said Hospice North Hastings Coordinator Heather Brough. “We’ve had a year of thinking big that included taking over the management of the Village Playhouse and we felt that we really had something to celebrate. So with the film booked and some help from our event sponsor Grail Springs, the stars literally aligned.”

a753efbee58489e9abd0873d7a4ab272Big News from Grand Rock tells a story that any North Hastings resident can identify with. Leonard Crane, the editor of a small town newspaper is worried about the imminent close of the weekly. In an attempt to boost sales and satisfy readers, Leonard starts to get creative with his reporting by crafting stories based on old movie plots. The scheme works until big city reporter Lucy parachutes in to steal the story. Just when Lucy pulls back the curtain to expose Leonard’s hoax, the most sketchy story appears to be true leaving Lucy and Leonard with the task of solving the mystery, saving the paper and salvaging Leonard’s reputation.

Big News from Grand Rock screens at the Village Playhouse in Bancroft on Tuesday June 9 at 4:15 and 7pm. Tickets have already been selling through and at Hospice House. The cost is $10 and all proceeds go to Hospice North Hastings. Pass Holders for the Festival need to reserve seats in advance and those with a Senior’s Pass are encouraged to purchase a ticket in advance. Passes are honoured based on availability of seats. Our guests will participate in a Q & A at both screenings. Representatives from the Toronto International Film Festival’s Film Circuit Program will also be at the screenings to see how great our rural screenings are.

The North of 7 Film Festival is operated by Hospice North Hastings, the first rural residential Hospice in Canada. Hospice North Hastings operates with no healthcare dollars so as a result, we are 100 per cent community funded and we get creative when it comes to generating revenue to support all the programs and services that we provide in our community. The North of 7 Film Festival operates in partnership with TIFF’s Film Circuit Program and each year we screen 10 films between September and June. Each film is shown twice and we have solid attendance at all of our films.