New book promotes food as medicine

recipes for lifeBuilding on the belief that food is medicine, Grail Springs founder Madeleine Marentette presents a new collection of inspiration with Recipes for Life – Beautiful Food and Words to Live By. Created with wisdom from the Grail Springs community and accompanied by stunning images from this small piece of sacred paradise, this divine guide to a healthy life is now available.

The Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, located in Bancroft, Ontario, has been dedicated to the holistic care of people, animals and the planet for over two decades. This new book is a reflection of those beliefs and serves as a reminder that food truly is a universal language. Now, in partnership with Australia’s top spa chef, Samantha Gowing, Grail Springs is taking an even bigger step towards offering food as medicine.

“In order for Grail Springs to be in alignment with my own values, including my work with animal welfare rights, I decided to make what was considered by advisors a risky business decision in 2008,” says Grail founder, Madeleine Marentette. “I eliminated meat altogether from the table. Taking a stand for animal welfare came with lots of unforeseen benefits. We at Grail Springs are helping our guests to live long and happy lives, while we no longer contribute to big corporate factory farms. Grail Springs thrives and guests enjoy the lovingly prepared, delicious vegetarian food.”

With more and more people looking to bring the Grail philosophy into their homes, this new book is a beautiful summary of the work done by the Grail community. This community is formed by the caring staff, numerous teachers, healers, spiritual leaders of all faiths, activists, authors, musicians and transformational leaders who share a common interest – to make the world and ourselves better for all. With food as a universal language, we are each able to connect, thrive and grow.

Recipes for Life – Beautiful Food and Words to Live By is a creation from the heart, crafted to inspire people to restore their own health, ignite a love for life and to inspire an experience of oneness with all things.

Recipes for Life – Beautiful Food and Words to Live By is available online at and locally in Bancroft at Ashlie’s Books, 65 Hastings Street, Bancroft.

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