Toss a Toonie for animal welfare


Each year around 100 orphaned, abandoned, lost, neglected or surrendered dogs come into the care of the Highlands Animal Relief Team (HART). HART does great work in this community to foster and re-home each of these incredible dogs but it takes time and money to ensure these four-legged friends get a second chance.

HART’s volunteers work year-round to rescue, foster and re-home the dogs. Each dog has a story, a personality and when they are taken into HART’s care, they finally have hope.

The work done by volunteers is tough. There are countless vet trips, long drives to collect dogs but then there are also the happy moments when a dog starts to look and feel better and when a dog finally meets their new, adoptive family. For each HART volunteer, there are ups and downs. It’s tough work. When you look into the eyes of a dog that has been neglected, dumped or abandoned it breaks your heart but over and over again, these dogs are healed, trained and gifted a better life. This is why HART’s volunteers do what they do.

Even though HART works closely with supportive vets, the costs are huge. A dog in HART’s care can cost the rescue hundreds of dollars with just the basic vaccinations and spay or neuter procedures. For dogs with tooth decay or those who require surgery for other medical issues, the costs climb into the thousands. HART covers some of their costs with an adoption fee of around $300 but fundraising is always needed to ensure all dogs get the care they need.

On July 31, August 1 and 2 the volunteers from HART will be at Pepin’s NoFrills in Bancroft cooking up hotdogs, selling raffle tickets and when you buy your groceries you’ll be asked to toss a toonie for animal welfare in the Greater Bancroft Area. Every donation goes to caring for dogs that deserve a second chance so please drop by to meet some of our success stories, get information about fostering and make a donation that will help a dog end up in a perfect lap with a new forever family.

The Bar-B-Que runs from 11 to 7 on July 31 and from 11 to 4 on August 1 and 2.