Bancroft gets its own talk show – ‘Croft Talks LIVE

The Bancroft Region is full of amazing stories, characters and opinions. Each month, starting this September, Barb Shaw will host a live, unscripted talk show that will tap into what’s happening across our region by bringing our most colourful local stories to life, on stage at the Bancroft Village Playhouse.

Featuring three segments; an opening monologue/editorial, a one-on-one interview and a pundit’s panel, audience members will enjoy guest interaction, opinion and perhaps a bit of verbal sparring. This show is about going a bit deeper into the stories that are happening all around us by adding background, context and colour. The live, unscripted format will create excitement and some great energy for our audience.

Each month ‘Croft Talks will tackle the big stories, the small stories and dive deeper into what these stories mean to our community. We will cover politics, religion, sex and anything of interest while adding a bit of humour to keep each show flowing.

The idea for this project grew from the success of the live North of 7 Film Fest event that Hospice North Hastings hosted last June. Our special film screening included a live segment featuring Gordon Pinsent, Leah Pinsent and Peter Keleghan with Barb Shaw acting as the host. After the event, countless audience members commented that Bancroft really needed its own talk show and so on September 29 at 7pm, the very first ‘Croft Talks will run live at the Village Playhouse.

“Doing our live event last June was just so rewarding and I think people in Bancroft are ready to gather once a month to dig deeper into the stories that make us happy and drive us nuts,” says ‘Croft Talks LIVE host Barb Shaw. “I’m looking forward to the live and unscripted format because when we fill our stage with local folks with stories to tell, we will get people thinking, we will ruffle feathers and I’m pretty sure it’s going to give us all a chance to better understand how unique and valuable our community is.”

With the first show falling towards the end of the eleven-week election campaign, the theme will be Federal Politics. Nate Smelle from Bancroft This Week will join Barb Shaw to talk about his front-line perspective on the campaign and our panel will feature candidates Betty Bannon, Mike Bossio and Daryl Kramp. To make show guests feel right at home, Leon’s Bancroft has been kind enough to donate a living room suite for the set.

“This is not going to be anything like an all candidate’s meeting,” Explains Barb Shaw. “I’m insisting we kick out the rhetoric and just chat about what matters to each of these candidates on a personal level.”

Tickets are $5 and will be available online at or at the door. All proceeds will support the Bancroft Village Playhouse Repair Fund. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7pm.

‘Croft Talks LIVE is sponsored and supported by Hybla Consulting Corporation in partnership with the Bancroft Village Playhouse and Hospice North Hastings.