Cracker Jack Palace bring musical adventure to Playhouse

017Dan Munro has a gravelly voice; rich and deep and he sounds exactly like you’d expect a rock and roll performer to sound. He loves playing music and he’s excited to return to the stage of the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Saturday September 26th.

Munro is a joker and he’s not hiding the fact that he’s closer to the age of the Stones than One Direction but he promises to give local fans a night to remember – as long as the audience does most of the dancing.

“We love playing shows and we’ve been doing this for years,” Munro says. “We’re a bunch of old guys up on a stage giving it our best shot.”

That “best shot” sold out two past shows at the Playhouse and Munro expects a similar response this time around.

Cracker Jack Palace formed ten years ago when a couple of doctors who were also musicians decided to put a band together to raise some funds for Aids Charities doing work in Africa. Ten years later, they’re still playing although the band now only has one doctor.

Dr. Mark Diotallevi plays keyboards and Munro laughs and says the doctor brings his black bag along to every show just in case the band members get carried away.

The Sept. 26th show promises great lights, effects and Munro says everyone in the Playhouse will be able to connect with the set list. Everything from the Beatles to Steely Dan to the Stones – it’s all going to be music that the audience can sing along with.

“We’re going to take this audience on a trip to yester year,” Munro says. “We’re going to have a great night with fun music and I hope, lots of dancing.”

Cracker Jack Palace plays the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Saturday Sept. 26 at 8pm. Tickets are $20 and available online at or at Posies, Harvest Moon or Zihua Boutique. All proceeds of this show will support the Playhouse Repair Fund and guests at the show will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at some of the changes that are being made to the Playhouse lobby.