Bauble All The Way Holiday Campaign to launch at Village Playhouse

baublesFollowing on the heels of a successful Festival of Wreaths Campaign that was launched last year by Hospice North Hastings, the tradition continues this holiday season with the Bauble All the Way Campaign.

Crafters in the community are asked to create and donate a Christmas ornament. These beautiful baubles will fill the lobby of the Village Playhouse from late November through to December 12th at the Next Generation Leahy concert. Each bauble will be available in an on-going silent auction that will close at the Dec. 12th event. All the funds raised will support the free programs and services provided by Hospice North Hastings in our community.

“We had such a beautiful display of wreaths last year,” says Hospice coordinator Heather Brough. “We think that even more of the community will participate with our new Bauble All the Way Campaign. We’re looking forward to the joy that creating these baubles will bring and we can’t wait to fill the Playhouse lobby with this show of our community’s Christmas spirit.”

The decorations will be on display for numerous events at the Playhouse and Brough welcomes people with a competitive spirit to get out their glitter and glue to create something special.

“Gather your friends, pour some wine and create something that shows your Christmas spirit,” Brough says.

Baubles can be dropped at the Hospice House office weekdays from 9 – 3pm. The deadline for donations is December 1st.