The Most Interesting Person in North Hastings ….

CroftTalksLive3What makes someone interesting? Is it notable when our friends and neighbours work quietly behind the scenes to create beautiful art? Is it interesting when they are wrapped-up in a National news story or is it more interesting when they share their laughter and joy loudly with others?

On Nov. 24th ‘Croft Talks will invite three of North Hastings’s most interesting people to the stage to share their personal stories and to answer questions from the audience.

Join host Barb Shaw at 7pm at the Village Playhouse and get the full disclosure from three of North Hastings’s most interesting people.

Our panel includes local actor and business woman, Patricia Whitlaw. From life on the road to running a business from a house with no roof – nothing stops this geek in a skirt. She’s been a fixture in our local theatre for years but now she’s taking the stage to let us go behind the scenes into her tornado of a life.

Joey Shulman is a legend in these parts. Joining the panel, Joey is known lovingly as the gay Jew from Newfoundland. Joey has made a name in the community for producing fabulous theatre and raising funds for charity and now he’s running an art gallery out of his downtown Maynooth home. But there’s more to this former publicist than meets the eye. Find out how he almost left North Hastings to answer an Elliot Lake casting call.

Our final panel guest is none other than Dr. Rob Kamermans, the local doctor that has unapologetically become the face of Canada’s medical marijuana movement. From a booming practice to the police raid that saw him hauled off to jail, the small town doctor now struggles to run his community clinic. With the full support of his patients, friends and activists across the country he continues to fight for the rights of his patients.

For this very special show our guests will be answering questions live from the audience and sharing the stories that make them some of the most interesting people in North Hastings.

‘Croft Talks is sponsored by Hybla Consulting Corporation. Our comfortable set is generously provided by Leon’s Bancroft. ‘Croft Talks is produced by Plan B Consulting and Hospice North Hastings.