‘Croft Talks LIVE brings legends to Bancroft stage


009It was another fun night of storytelling and sharing ideas on the stage of the Bancroft Village Playhouse as another taping of ‘Croft Talks brought legends to the stage.

Guests Joey Shulman, Nan McGhee and Tim Baragar were invited because of their legendary status and they easily lived up to their reputations.

The audience even had the pleasure of meeting future legend Marlow Bickert who opened the show with a monologue on legends and a beautiful rendition of David Bowie’s “Starman.”

Listen to the podcast here!

‘Croft Talks LIVE was sponsored by Deuce Tattoos and the Bickert Family. Our next show is on Feb. 23rd so make plans to be at the live taping!


For those who were not aware of the tax Tim Baragar was talking about, here’s the full story!