“Trumbo” sheds light on a dark period in Hollywood’s history

"Trumbo" screens at the Village Playhouse on Jan 12 at 4:15 and 7pm.

“Trumbo” screens at the Village Playhouse on Jan 12 at 4:15 and 7pm.

The New Year promises to bring some controversial films to the big screen as the North of 7 Film Fest continues the tradition of showing insightful, creative and thought provoking movies each month in Bancroft and as the first TIFF selection of 2016, “Trumbo” brings audiences back to the dark days of Hollywood on Jan. 12 at the Bancroft Village Playhouse.

In January’s selection, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) stars as Hollywood blacklist victim Dalton Trumbo; the prolific screenwriter forced to pay the price for his political convictions. Joining Cranston are Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning, Diane Lane and John Goodman.

“Trumbo” chronicles the struggles of Dalton Trumbo, one of many film artists who were unjustly targeted after being asked to go through an interrogation by the House Un-American Activities Committee and answer questions about supposed communist sympathies. While Trumbo did identify as a communist, his refusal to testify before the Committee resulted in his being cited for contempt of Congress. A year-long prison sentence and a prominent place on the Studios’ blacklist were his reward. He continued his career but worked using a pseudonym until he was publicly credited for Exodus and Spartacus in 1960.
For those who love history and Hollywood lore, this film is not to be missed.

“Trumbo” screens at the Village Playhouse in Bancroft at 4:15 and 7pm on Tuesday Jan. 12. TIFF Tuesday fans will not want to miss this screening because a very special upcoming show announcement will be made before each movie.

“We’re announcing a very special show that we have booked for February,” says Hospice Coordinator and Village Playhouse Manager, Heather Brough. “We expect this show to sell out so we’re giving our best supporters the first chance at booking in for this amazing event. Tickets will be on sale after each of the shows and we’re looking forward to the audience’s response.”

Film tickets for “Trumbo” are $10 and the wine bar will be open before each screening. This is an age of majority event and all proceeds go to Hospice North Hastings in support of the free programs and services they offer in our community.