‘Croft Talks tackles God

Croft Talks EPS 6Bancroft is a community that is rich with stories and each month, some of those stories are shared live on the stage of the Village Playhouse at The ‘Croft Talks. This month, a Christian, a Jew and an atheist will tackle questions about life the universe and everything as they participate in “The Greatest Debate Ever Told.”

Host Barb Shaw says the unscripted show is always worth attending.

“I invite community members to share their stories, their insights and then we get the audience to jump in,” Shaw says. “It’s really unpredictable which is why I think it ends up being such a rich experience.”

Guests for the March 29th show include Joey Shulman, Bill Kilpatrick and Rev. Lynn Watson and they can’t wait to debate the role of God in our lives and in our community.

Watson and Kilpatrick have been involved with the local monthly “Theology on Tap” event so they pitched the topic for ‘Croft Talks.

“I’m really excited to see how this panel answers the questions I’m working on,” Shaw says. “It’s going to feel like speed dating combined with ‘cards against humanity’ and there’s no telling where we’ll all be by the end of the show.”

This will be the sixth episode of “Croft Talks and Shaw says she likes how the show has started to evolve.

“Our audience is pretty loyal and they know the format,” Shaw says. “They pay attention, they shout out comments and they’re always ready to jump in with questions for the guests in our last segment.”

The talk show is a great way to go a bit deeper into the stories that matter to us and to our community. It’s outreach, learning and entertainment.

This month The ‘Croft Talks is sponsored by the Outreach Committee of St. Paul’s United Church. The show starts at 7pm but the doors open at 6:30. There’s a bar and tickets are only $5. All proceeds from the show go to supporting the Village Playhouse Repair Fund. The ‘Croft Talks is produced by Plan B Communications Consulting in partnership with The Bancroft Village Playhouse.

Anyone with ideas for upcoming episodes can get chat with Barb Shaw at the theatre on the 29th or they can send ideas to bjshaw@sympatico.ca.