New show at Playhouse features artists that see more to life than what is obviously apparent

"Poppies" by Barbara Allport

“Poppies” by Barbara Allport

Three artists have been selected to showcase their creations in the lobby of the Bancroft Village Playhouse. Curated by Richard Baynes, the bright space is perfect for showcasing local art.

With the show set to open an hour before the March 29th ‘Croft Talks, theatre patrons are in for a real visual treat.

With a focus on partnerships, the Village Playhouse is thrilled to have two artists who are so closely connected to the Art Gallery of Bancroft as part of this show. Leilah Ward- an artist living in the Bancroft area who is an integral part of the curatorial team at the Art Gallery of Bancroft joins Art Gallery of Bancroft president, Barbara Allport in showcasing their creations.

“I would say that all three of us are creating art because we see more to life than what is obviously apparent,” Allport said while getting the space ready. “There is a place in our art that arises from the inner landscape of the soul.”

Joining the two well known local artists is newcomer Classina Weese, an artist who just moved to Bancroft two weeks ago. Weese is loving the creative diversity and the welcoming artistic community.