‘Croft Talks God at Playhouse

017It was another crazy evening at ‘Croft Talks on March 29th. A Jew, a Christian, an atheist talked about life the universe and everything in front of a packed audience. There were laughs and some more sombre moments but once again, the panel of brilliant minds put on a great show.

Many thanks to Joey Shulman, Bill Kilpatrick, Rev. Lynn Watson and the ever-impressive Marlow Bickert for diving in to all the challenges. Thanks also to Lisa Star Bickert for excellent stage managing and to Ben Lalande for making sure we had a podcast by the end of the night.

This episode of ‘Croft Talks was sponsored by the Outreach Committee of St.Paul’s United Church in Bancroft.

Please take a listen and send show ideas to bjshaw@sympatico.ca.