Meet the Press at ‘Croft Talks

Croft Talks 7 Meet the PressGet ready to turn the tables and ask your local press some tough questions at the April 26 ‘Croft Talks LIVE when local reporters and journalists are welcomed to Bancroft’s monthly talk show.

Each month a number of local folks join host Barb Shaw to talk about life in North Hastings. The un-scripted talk show is always an adventure for those in the audience as no one really knows what is going to happen in any of the different segments and this months’ show is no different.

Joining the ‘Croft Talks panel are Andreas Pandikiu from Moose FM, Kristena Schutt from The Bancroft Times and Jim Eadie from Bancroft This Week.

Award winning journalist Mark Bonokoski will also be joining the show for a very special one-on-one interview. Bonokoski will also stick around for the last segment of the show when the audience gets to ask questions.

“Having spent many years working in the media I’m happy to have these talented folks share their stories,” Shaw explains. “The work they do is tough and at times, thankless – especially in a small town. Each one of my guests has done some interesting things and they’ve all helped shape how we view the community that we live in.”

And Shaw says it’s a really big deal to interview Mark Bonokoski.

“Mark is well known for his punchy editorials but he’s also reported on some major international events during his lengthy career,” Shaw says. “He was on the ground when the Berlin Wall came down and he was the first Canadian journalist to arrive at the scene of the Lockerbie disaster. He’s got amazing stories to share with all of us.”

‘Croft Talks hits the stage at the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Tuesday, April 26 at 7pm. The show is always recorded and a podcast is broadcast a few days later. Tickets are $5 and all proceeds of ‘Croft Talks support the Village Playhouse Repair Fund.

‘Croft Talks LIVE is produced by Plan B Communications in partnership with the Village Playhouse. Meet the Press is sponsored by Sas and Derek.