Cancelled show win for Hospice

0109_NTOTW-2-2-960x430Running a theatre is never easy and with a big show just over a week away, Hospice Coordinator Heather Brough got some tough news – one of the stars from The National Theatre of the World comedy show booked for Aug. 5 was not available.

The Village Playhouse in Bancroft is operated by Hospice North Hastings to create a much needed revenue stream for the rural residential Hospice and having to cancel a show caused a small panic.

National Theatre of the World starring Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus had been booked in Bancroft for two dates on Aug. 5 and 6. Both show stars are in the middle of busy shooting schedules but they thought the show dates would work. Snieckus had made special arrangements to fly in from Halifax, where she is shooting the new season of CBC’s Mr. D but Matt Baram was needed on a film shoot and suddenly schedules were no longer aligned.

The talent offered to send another actor but because of the Matt Baram’s local connections, Brough was wary to book an understudy.

Then a miracle happened.

“Before I had time to meltdown Matt emailed us. He was so apologetic about the Friday night show and without even being asked, he and Naomi donated their entire fee back to Hospice,” Brough enthuses. “We were in tears! This is such a huge gesture.”

With a new plan in place, Brough has cancelled the Friday night show and contacted patrons to re-book their tickets for the Saturday night and now with 100 per cent of the box office going to Hospice, there’s high hopes for a sellout of the live comedy show.

“We just opened our new patient suite at Hospice this week,” Brough says. “This show and all the other events we run at the Playhouse – this is how we’re paying for it. So this show is a great reason to get our community to come out, to laugh, to celebrate and to be part of the caring through culture movement that is growing in Bancroft.”

Brough says Baram and Snieckus totally connected to the caring through culture movement.

“We are very much looking forward to this,” Matt Baram said in an email. “It’s important for us to be proud members of our community and we appreciate what (Hospice is) doing for the betterment of it.”

National Theatre of the World starring Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus is at the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Aug. 6. The show is a wild and crazy combination of improv sketch and stand-up comedy that will leave the audience roaring with laughter. Tickets are on sale now at Harvest Moon, Posies, Hospice House and online at Playhouse productions proudly support the caring through culture movement that is growing in Bancroft.