Chris Funk, “The Wonderist,” to cast spell on Bancroft audience

Chris Funk IllusionistBooked to delight the Playhouse summer audience for one-night only before disappearing, musician and magician Chris Funk is about to make Bancroft wonder, “how did he do that?”

Chris Funk has spent years traveling across Canada and the United States performing a style of magic that has been called refreshingly different. As his stage persona “The Wonderist,” Funk combines intuition, influence, and illusion with side-splitting comedy to create moments that baffle and amuse. Funk is also an improv master, allowing him to interact with the audience and make every show different from the last.

Funk’s show includes borrowed objects, which disappear and re-appear in unusual places; a violin concerto playing as cards mysteriously float out of their deck; visual effects you’d only find in cartoons; and, of course, mysteries for the mind that will keep the audience scratching their heads and wanting more. Plus, every performance features Chris Funk’s signature Prediction, which ends off each show in true mind-blowing fashion.

Chris Funk “The Wonderist,” will be appearing and disappearing at the Village Playhouse on Wednesday, July 27th at 8pm. This show is in town for one night only and Playhouse Manager Heather Brough says tickets are already flying – like magic – out of the box office.

“Chris Funk has a style that is really interesting and his show is family friendly,” Brough says. “We want people to come to the theatre, laugh and try to figure out how he does all of these crazy things.”

Funk’s show is sponsored by Plunkett Propane and all proceeds support the free programs and services provided in the community by Hospice North Hastings. Tickets are on sale now at Harvest Moon, Posies, Hospice House, The Playhouse Box Office and online at