Cracker Jack Palace looking for fourth sell-out

Cracker Palace poster for Sept 2016 sm-page-001 (2)It’s that feeling that you get when the band starts to play your favourite song – that’s the feeling that hits you over and over again during a Cracker Jack Palace show. Luckily for local folks feeling a bit down after the end of a gorgeous summer, the boys are back in town for a night of feel-good musical adventure on Sept. 24 at the Village Playhouse.

Cracker Jack Palace formed ten years ago when a couple of doctors who were also musicians decided to put a band together to raise some funds for Aids Charities doing work in Africa. Ten years later, they’re still playing although the band now only has one doctor – and luckily for the band members who give everything in each show – he carries his medical bag along just in case.

The Sept. 24 show promises great lights, effects and front man Dan Munro says everyone in the Playhouse will be able to connect with the set list. Everything from the Beatles to Steely Dan to the Stones – it’s all going to be music that the audience can sing along with.

“We’re going to take this audience on a trip to yester-year,” Munro says. “We’re going to have a great night with fun music and I hope, lots of dancing.”

That feeling of fun combined with great music is why the band easily sells out shows in Bancroft and for those who show-up to the Playhouse, the night is always one to remember; full of laughter, storytelling and dancing.

The band has gone through a few changes in the past year but the group has stayed connected to great music from the past. The current mix of musicians includes Danny Munro (vocals, guitar, bass), Barry Klein (lead guitar, backup vocals), Tom Elliott (lead vocals, guitar), Lyle Denny (bass & backup vocals), Grant Heywood (drums, lead vocals, mandolin) and Mark Diotallevi (keyboards).

New for this show is opening act Heywood/Richards and Cracker Jack front man Dan Munro says they will be a perfect fit for this Bancroft show.

Munro says Grant Heywood and Bob Richards are musician/songwriters with many years of experience with several high profile Canadian rock, country and blues bands. Their songwriting style and harmony vocals have gained them notoriety collectively, but they have also had international airplay from several of the original songs they have recorded with various acts over the years.

Munro says their powerful singing technique is what really distinguishes them from the ordinary.

Music fans can join the party on Sept. 24 at the Village Playhouse. Doors and the bar open at 7pm and the show starts at 8. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in advance from Harvest Moon, Posies and at the Hospice House. Tickets are also available online at Proceeds support caring through Culture and all the programs and services shared by Hospice North Hastings in the North Hastings community.