‘Croft Talks welcomes artists to the stage

CTLS2E1Live storytelling returns to the Village Playhouse on Sept. 27 with the launch of the second season of ‘Croft Talks LIVE. The talk show, hosted by Barb Shaw, brings notable locals to the stage to share their insights, stories and advice – all in front of a live audience. To tie into the local fall studio tour theme, Shaw is hosting three guests who are closely tied to the local arts movement.

“It’s fall, the leaves are changing and this is the season of studio tours,” Shaw says. “It just seemed like a great opportunity to hang out with some artists who inspire me and to get them to share some stories. Having the platform of ‘Croft Talks lets me share the experience and turn it into a bit of a celebration.”

Joining the ‘Croft Talks panel for the first time is photographer June Wells, the owner of Tin House Woodworking in Coe Hill. What started out as an idea to showcase and sell her husband’s eclectically crafted furniture has grown in just four years to an arts hub where Wells retails creations from 40 local artisans. She’ll be joining the panel to talk about the commercial side of art and the joy and struggles of making it all work in a rural community.

Also joining the panel is the creative force behind the successful Apsley Studio Tour, artist Molly Moldovan. For 24 years Moldovan has let the natural beauty of her Tallan Lake surroundings guide her abstract work. Add to the mix a great sense of political insight fused with a sharp wit and Moldovan will undoubtedly take the ‘Croft Talks audience on a fabulous behind the easel exploration of life as an artist.

The Sept. 27 show also welcomes Bancroft favourite, Arne Roosman who will share stories from his own, personal art adventures. Roosman has just completed a permanent installation on the upper balcony of the Bancroft Village Playhouse and so the show will also serve as a launch of this portrait of enduring love and commitment.

“I am so excited to spend time on the stage with Arne Roosman,” Shaw enthuses. “His stories are forever spinning in unexpected directions and this is a chance to get inside the mind of a master.”

‘Croft Talks welcomes art lovers to the Village Playhouse on Sept. 27 at 7pm. Doors and bar at 6 and the cost of the show is only $5. The show features a one-on-one interview with Roosman, the panel and time for the audience to ask questions. The show is recorded and released as a podcast but being there for the live taping is always more fun. The sketch that Roosman worked from for the new Playhouse mural will be raffled off with all proceeds to Hospice North Hastings.

“This show is live so you never know what’s going to happen or where we’ll end up by 8:30,” Shaw says. “It’s really quite a quirky production and I’m just so pleased that the Playhouse crew were kind enough to want it back for a second season.”