Scary Halloween special planned for ‘Croft Talks

'CroftTalks S2E2If your lights are flickering it might be more than a warning from HydroOne and according to ‘Croft Talks guest Rita Marie Browning, a local psychic medium and ordained metaphysical minister, it might just be spirit sending you a message.

Browning is booked to appear on the ‘Croft Talks Halloween special at the Bancroft Playhouse on Oct. 25 where she and others with special gifts and skills will talk about how spirit makes itself known to mortals all around the Bancroft Region.

Host Barb Shaw says she’s excited to have some fun with this theme – especially since she lives in a former funeral parlour.

“I’m not a ghosty person, but I’m looking forward to speaking with some experts who have personal experience with researching and communicating with things that go bump in the night,” Shaw says.

Joining Rev. Browning as a guest will be local Realtor Jody Didier.

“Most people know me as a Realtor or from the BBIA,” Didier said in an interview. “Fewer will know that I have made a study of the paranormal as a field researcher.”

Browning and Didier will be sharing stories of local experiences searching and researching spirit in homes and in local landmarks.

“There’s no shortage of people who have ghost stories about the Village Playhouse,“ Shaw says. “So who knows what kind of messages might be received during our live show!”

Shaw says she’s also excited to welcome back Lisa Star-Bickert to the show for a fun segment called “Ask a Wiccan.”

At this time of year when the growing stops and the earth goes back to sleep the veil between living and dead is the thinnest; this is when Wiccans celebrate. Star-Bickert hopes to offer some insight into this often misunderstood religious movement.

The live talk show will once again bring stories, laughs and surprises to the Village Playhouse on Oct. 25 at 7pm. Doors and bar open at 6pm and there will be a very special guest offering palm readings before the show.

“We’ve covered politics and religion in the past but I think this will be the scariest show yet,” Shaw says.

Tickets are $5 and available at the door.