Trail Blazers share ideas on ‘Croft Talks

CT S2E3Trail blazers will fill the stage of the Village Playhouse on Nov. 29th for a very special episode of ‘Croft Talks LIVE.

“This will be our tenth show so the line-up is stacked with guests that have ideas and stories to share,” says host Barb Shaw. “I expect lots of audience participation with such interesting guests. How could you not want to chat with these people?”

First-up on the 29th will be Dave Naulls and Peter Whitehead, co-chairs of the Eagle’s Nest Interpretive Trails Project. The co-chairs and their project team have been working away to create a new trail between Clark Lake and the Eagle’s Nest. With a focus on natural ecology and First Nations, there is also a memorial component planned for the new trail.

“This is a big project – one that our community needs to know more about,” Shaw says. “Both Peter and Dave are passionate about this project, it hasn’t had much press attention and I think they will have some important stories to tell.”

Building on the theme of going a bit deeper into interesting local stories, Bancroft Councillor Bill Kilpatrick will also be on the show to talk about his recent proposal to have the municipality take a look at the idea of backyard farming. A majority of Council members shut down the research but Kilpatrick has pushed on with momentum from the community.

“Bill has been building support for this idea in the community so I’m really looking forward hearing more about this hot-button issue,” Shaw says.

Returning to the show for a look at the big and the should-have-been big stories of 2016 and a look ahead at 2017 is former broadcaster and politician Nan McGhee.

“Nan has such a feel for all things Bancroft so getting her back on the show to talk about what to watch for in the year ahead will be a real treat,” Shaw says.

All guests will form one big panel at the end of the show to take questions from the audience and no doubt, from each other.

“This show is growing in a really organic way with more and more community members recognizing that this is a fun and interactive way to share our stories, culture, ideas and beliefs,” Shaw says. “With November’s guest list, I feel like we might also be making some exciting news in the process.”

‘Croft Talks LIVE runs at the Playhouse on Tuesday, Nov. 29 from 7 – 8:30pm. Doors and bar at 6 and admission is only $5. Proceeds to the Playhouse Repair Fund.