From vague to vision, doers and dreamers share their stories on ‘Croft Talks

CT S2 E4 Doers & DreamersIn any community there are always a handful of dedicated folks that just seem to make stuff happen and on Jan. 27, some of the best in our region will be on the stage of the Village Playhouse to tell their stories as part of a very special “’Croft Talks LIVE.”

“’Croft Talks” is a live talk show where stories are shared and audience questions are answered. For 2017, the show is focusing on good new stories that will engage and inspire so January’s show is presenting some of the people who went from vague to vision to make their dreams come to life.

“With so much challenging news in our community, this show is the first of a series that is set to inspire and help us remember that anything and everything is possible in Bancroft and across North Hastings,” explains host and show producer Barb Shaw.

January’s line-up includes Janis and Dagny Whitehead from The Old Tin Shed. Starting with only a business name and a vision, The Old Tin Shed is now an award-winning local hot spot for retail therapy. Also sharing stories will be the team from the Bancroft Community Airport. From a small-town dream to a growing hub for economic development, Airport Manager Pat Murdock will be joined by Lynn Davis and Hugh Irwin to share some of their blue-sky dreams.

Rounding out the show, Heather Brough and Noel Lobe will be representing Hospice North Hastings. From a dream that built Canada’s first rural residential Hospice to the current challenges of operating a theatre and a party rental business to pay for caring when there is no curing, the folks from Hospice will share their most inspirational tales.

With an expanded guest list, the show is also making a time change and will now give Friday nights a try. And to keep up with all the additional work, Nan McGhee has joined the show as a segment producer.

“The January show is all about people who had an idea and then found the right partners to build their dreams into a reality,” Shaw explains. “Having Nan McGhee join the team means we can tackle more material and really move this show in an exciting direction.”

“’Croft Talks LIVE,” will be recorded with a live audience at the Village Playhouse on Friday, Jan. 27. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm. The show is recorded for podcast on iTunes. Tickets are $5 at the door and audience participation is strongly encouraged.