Independent films keep TIFF fans warm through winter months at Playhouse

yt-tiff-100915_frame_1170With the cold winter locking in for the next few months, the Village Playhouse offers a monthly independent film screening to keep hearts and minds warm. Run by Hospice North Hastings, the films are provided through the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as part of their Film Circuit distribution network with all proceeds going to the rural Hospice.

The screenings have been going on for years but there’s always a bit of excitement when a new list of titles is announced to the growing number of film buffs in North Hastings. The films play on the big screen at the Playhouse along with full surround sound and because both the theatre and the auditorium are licensed, patrons can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer before the film or while they watch it.

Hospice coordinator Heather Brough programs the monthly films after attending Film Circuit events at TIFF each fall. The films are always well received and suggestions are always welcome.

“I love chatting with the film fans before and after each screening,” Brough says. “I think we have a good idea of what films this audience is looking for and we keep delivering really great choices at our monthly TIFF Tuesday screening events.”

denial poster horizontalJanuary’s TIFF Tuesday event, always the second Tuesday of the month, delivers drama with “Denial.” This film about the trial of a holocaust denier features Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz and will absolutely be one to discuss with film fans post-screening. “Denial” plays on Jan. 10 at 4:15 and 7pm.

February 14th’s film is all about the first date between Michelle and Barack Obama. “Southside with You,” is all about the fateful day in 1989 when the couple enjoy their first date – a perfect film for Valentine’s Day.

March’s TIFF Tuesday film is “Manchester by the Sea,” and it is sure to delight the audience. This rich, American drama is creating lots of buzz and should be an awards season hopeful if Festival reviews are any indication. “Manchester by the Sea” screens on March 14 at 4:15 and 7pm.

river of my dreamsHeading into the final days of winter fan favourite Gordon Pinsent, will be back on the big screen in the moving tribute to his life, “River of my Dreams.” For those who had the pleasure of meeting the Canadian legend two years ago at the theatre, he still holds a special place in our hearts and this new biopic will reinforce our connection to the Canadian icon. “River of my Dreams” plays on April 11 at 4:15 and 7pm.

All proceeds of the TIFF Tuesday events support Hospice North Hastings and their “Caring through Culture” initiative which provides funds for the programs and services offered by Hospice North Hastings. Screenings are at 4:15 and 7pm and tickets are $10. Doors and the bar open one hour in advance of the films.