Vegas Divas coming to raise funds for Playhouse kitchen

fabulettes (2)It’s not like Cher spends much time in the kitchen but she’s willing to sing for her supper and on Feb. 4 Cher and all your favourite Divas will be on stage at the Bancroft Village Playhouse thanks to a show by the Extreme Fabulettes that hopes to raise funds for a new commercial kitchen for the theatre.

Byron Wilson, otherwise known as Hyddie Hoe, will be bringing an over-the-top group of performers to the Playhouse to offer a night of Vegas-styled musical tribute to some industry greats. Wilson, when speaking about Hyddie Hoe – is quick to mention that she’s from the Ottawa Valley and that she’s named after the garden tool – so don’t get any ideas!

Joining Hyddie Hoe will be Lily Devine and Kendra DeLacore. Between the three performers they will be offering tributes to Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Cher, Joan Rivers and Reba McEntire to name just a few.

Wilson, a roofer by day, has been sharing his love of theatre with communities from Cuba to Key West and he’s committed to raising funds for not-for-profit groups. He’s proud of the $700,000 that he’s already helped raise through his Diva tributes and he looks forward to bringing his show to Bancroft on Feb. 4th.

The “Divas Live” show in Bancroft is being billed as a kitchen party to help raise funds for a new commercial kitchen that will be built in the Bancroft Village Playhouse. With $50,000 already committed through an infrastructure grant, additional funds are still needed to increase the size of the kitchen and to update equipment and wiring.

“The Extreme Fabulettes are going to transport us all to Vegas for the night,” says Playhouse manager and Hospice North Hastings coordinator, Heather Brough. “When they heard we were working on a fundraiser they couldn’t wait to jump on in to help with the kitchen. This is a great example of caring through culture!”

Once the commercial kitchen is completed, the Playhouse team hope to be able to offer increased food service, conference and event space.

“We love polishing up this old gem of a theatre,” says Brough. “And being able to use a microwave and an electric tea kettle at the same time will be a real leap forward.”

Hyddie Hoe and her team of Divas are up for the challenge and can’t wait to work their magic for our community.

“We love bringing great entertainment to small towns and we really want to give back,” Wilson says. “We all deserve fancy!”

The Extreme Fabulettes bring “Divas Live” to the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Saturday Feb. 4. Doors and bar open at 6:30. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $25 and are available at Posie’s, Harvest Moon and Hospice House. Tickets are also available at the door and online at All proceeds will support the fund for a new commercial kitchen at the Playhouse.