The Big Bancroft Business Boost

Boost!When it comes to supporting local causes and charities, our small business community is known for its generosity and just like everyone else, small businesses are struggling with high utility costs and other mounting expenses. The best thing we can do to support our community is to shop locally so Hospice North Hastings is launching the Big Bancroft Business Boost.

Hospice North Hastings operates the electronic billboards in Bancroft and Maynooth and they use the signs to promote community events and to share community announcements. With all the news about the struggles of local businesses, a decision was made to feature a local business each week on the e-signs for free to remind residents and tourists that shopping locally helps our community grow.

“It’s a really little thing, putting a name on the sign, but we want to support the businesses that support us,” says Hospice coordinator Heather Brough. “The exposure the e-signs provides is really great and we want to do our part to give back where we can.”

The first business name was drawn at the last TIFF Tuesday film screening at the Bancroft Village Playhouse and the lucky winner of one week on the e-sign is Bancroft Just Wine and Beer.

All the business names were pulled from the Bancroft phone book so any businesses looking to be included that might not be in the book can call Hospice to be added to the draw.

“We hope this one small act will be a big boost to our local businesses,” says Brough. “At Hospice North Hastings we know that every bit of support matters and we hope that the featured businesses will feel that same support that we feel from our generous community.”

The Big Bancroft Business Boost launches on Friday, March 24.