Wollaston Council meets some day this week

indexWollaston Council meets this week on a different day – although which day is somewhat unclear from the not yet published agenda and council background package.

According to a member of council who was kind enough to share these documents, the clerk had difficulty uploading the required documents before the end of day on Friday.

Looks like an interesting meeting on whichever day.

At the last meeting of council, the Reeve asked for a meeting date change because he was not available to attend regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting. Council still would have had quorum without him and it might have been a nice chance to show support for the new Deputy Reeve by handing over the chair for a few hours – especially since things are so tense between council members that big municipal bucks are being spent to work everyone through a mediation process. Bucks spent on mediators, by the way, while our volunteer firefighters respond to calls in a vehicle that leaks exhaust fumes into the passenger cab.

Hope to see a few others fighting for the four chairs at the meeting on whatever day it’s scheduled. Not only is the fire department back on the agenda but it might also be a good idea to pay attention to  on-going flip-floppery as council is set to possibly reverse their decision on chemical spraying by Hydro One. Kind of reminds me of the flip-floppery that Bear Ridge has been forced to endure.

Here’s hoping that council remembers the tag line on local banners that encourages us to “live and play naturally” which likely should not include a coating of Garlon RTU.

Here’s your agenda & council package: Agenda Background March 15, 2017