New community art project at Village Playhouse

FullSizeRender (2)With the successful yarn bomb being packed away this week at the Playhouse, it was time to get another creative project on the go. This time, theatre patrons are being asked to share their thoughts on caring to help re-create a beautiful nature scene that was painted by Judith Cahill.

The Cahill print is mounted in a frame with a fine wire mesh over top of it. Patrons are asked to write a few thoughts on a colourful piece of paper, roll it up and then place it through the mesh to a matching colour on the print. There are 17,019 holes that need to be filled and patrons are being asked to share their thoughts about how they care for friends, family, community, strangers and themselves.

Heather Brough is the Playhouse manager and the coordinator of Hospice North Hastings. She wanted an interactive art project that would allow everyone visiting the theatre to reflect on the importance of care in our community. At the Playhouse, the “Caring through Culture” initiative was launched last summer to help patrons understand that support for the Playhouse is actually support for the work done by Hospice. And with no health care dollars going to our local Hospice, every bit of support counts.

“I wanted people to reflect on caring,” Brough explained. “This community and our friends and visitors – we know how important this is so this is an opportunity to share and to create art in the process.”

Brough says you only need to write a few words and once the piece is complete with all the notes written and rolled, it will be a beautiful representation of the kindness and caring of this community.

The Playhouse yarn bomb received a great response from the community.

The Playhouse yarn bomb received a great response from the community.

“The yarn bomb really engaged people,” Brough says. “We’ve had so much interest in what we were going to do next so this is something to keep people participating and creating through the months ahead.”

North Hastings High School students and their friends and families provided the first notes of inspiration during their successful year-end music concert that was hosted at the Playhouse last week.

Brough hopes the project will get people thinking about the unique ways that they provide care and that like the yarn bomb, that this project will give our community something good to talk about.