Vette brings passion for rock and roll to Bancroft

facebookocover3What started as a desire to keep rock and roll alive has turned into a busy career for Freddy Vette. Known to many as the animated radio host from CJBQ in Belleville, Vette’s commitment to re-creating the vibe of a 50’s diner also translates well to the live shows he plays with his seven-piece band, The Flames.

“I do my best to re-create a rock and roll radio show straight out of the ’60s with high energy personality, jingles, goofy cornball humour, some theatre of the mind, and of course, the music,” Vette says.

For those who love his rock and roll style, Vette says he takes the same approach to the show he’s bringing to the Village Playhouse on June 16 in Bancroft.

Vette is not old enough to have lived through the rock and roll diner era but he grew-up during the 70’s when there was a big resurgence in interest for this classic period of music so he discovered his love through records, radio and television shows.

Freddy-Vette-poster-002-002“The resurgence of ’50s rock in the ’70’s with American Graffiti, Sha-na-na, Happy Days and my folks’ record collection hit me right between the eyes when I was a kid and I’ve been going back in time ever since,” Vette says.

His concert in Bancroft will be sure to delight music fans that are also looking to take a step back in musical time.

“We’re really looking forward to coming back to the Playhouse,” Vette says. “We’ll be re-creating note perfect renditions of the music that changed the world in the 50’s – Rock and Roll!”

Vette promises a night full of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Doo Wop music, the great female sounds from the 50’s and early 60’s and a special selection of songs from Chuck Berry; the father of rock and roll who passed away just a few months ago.

“Our seven-piece band is ready to return to the Playhouse and rock and roll the roof right off of it,” Vette says.

Catch Freddy Vette and the Flames at the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Friday June 16 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $25 and all proceeds support the Caring through Culture initiative run by Hospice North Hastings. Tickets are available at Harvest Moon, Posies, Hospice House and online at Doors open at 6:30pm.