Hospice North Hastings to launch new social enterprise

Vintage2Hospice North Hastings is launching a new social enterprise in Bancroft that will raise funds to pay for the free programs and services that they currently offer to those in the North Hastings community. In May, the Board of Hospice was approached and asked to purchase a building at 67 Hastings Street North. After months of discussion, research and legal advice, the Board of Hospice North Hastings is pleased to announce the purchase of the building and its contents.

Within the next few weeks the storefront will re-open as “Vintage on Hastings.” Operating as a thrift shop, this well-loved location will also offer consignment, on-line sales, an arts corner, sports exchange, ticket sales and an arts & crafts centre for seniors. Hospice will also be installing a chair lift for accessibility to the second floor. This new social enterprise will allow Hospice to access another revenue stream and have a storefront in our busy downtown core.

“We’re looking forward to having another point of contact with residents and visitors in this community,” says Hospice coordinator Heather Brough. “We were honoured that this opportunity was offered to Hospice North Hastings and we look forward to continuing to build on the thriving thrift and up-cycled retail market that has been growing here in Bancroft.”

To help with this new venture, Hospice North Hastings is looking for new volunteers. Anyone with an interest in volunteer opportunities with Hospice North Hastings is invited to attend a welcome session at the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Friday, August 11 at 9:30 am. Please contact Hospice North Hastings at 613.332.8014 to register for the welcome session. For those who are interested in the welcome session but not available at that time, please still contact Hospice to register for up-coming welcome events. Positions are available for volunteering at Hospice, the Playhouse and at Vintage On Hastings. We’ve got something for everyone!

Hospice North Hastings provides a medical equipment loan cupboard, visiting Hospice services and residential Hospice services. All the programs and services provided by Hospice North Hastings are provided free of charge. To pay for services Hospice North Hastings operates the Electronic Sign Fundraising Program, they operate the Village Playhouse and they operate the All Occasion Event Rental Company. Hospice North Hastings does not receive any health care dollars and they are proud to be community funded.