Laughs from Carla Collins will heal hearts

Carla CollinsLosing a loved one leaves us feeling fully emotionally shattered. For comedian Carla Collins, laughter was what got her through the grief after the sudden loss of her mother.

Carla and her mom, Rosemarie Collins, were like one person. They enjoyed an extraordinary bond that went beyond the usual mother/daughter relationship. They were soul mates, life-long besties and committed drinking partners. The two were inseparable. Not only did Rosemarie always attend Carla’s comedy shows; she once opened for her daughter’s act.

Rosemarie’s sudden and unexpected passing rocked Carla to her very core and left an unbearable void in her life. Reeling from shock, gripped by despair and unable to imagine her life without her cherished mother, Carla did the only thing that brought any type of relief or comfort, she made jokes about her mom and death.

 “Laugh After Death” is a hilarious and loving homage to Rosemarie. It’s the mother of all comedy tribute shows and for anyone that has staggered down the road of grief – this is something you want to be a part of.

Carla Collins brings her powerful show to the Village Playhouse on September 23 for one night and for many struggling with grief and loss, it’s going to be just what the doctor ordered.

Anchored by Collins’ unique and hysterical live standup comedy about coping with the loss of a loved one and a collection of her best “Mom stories, “Laugh After Death,” also features outrageous and brutally truthful observations about death in general along with current political and pop culture jokes. Collins also engages the audience with her unparalleled improvisational skills and makes everyone in the room feel comfortable and uplifted by revealing her own raw, honest emotions and addressing the sudden event trauma she’s suffered since her mom’s passing. Collins also promises a long list of unconventional grief-busters for anyone in need.

“Laugh After Death,” is generously sponsored by Grail Springs. Grail owner Madeleine Marentette and Collins have had a long relationship. Collins is even featured in Grail’s viral hit, “Grail World Mantra” video that continues to enjoy daily views on YouTube. So when Collins shared news of her new show, Marentette was quick to connect Collins with Hospice North Hastings who operate the Village Playhouse.

A perfect fit and an exciting collaboration of caring through culture, the show on Sept. 23 will be both an uplifting event for our community and a much needed fundraiser for our community-funded Hospice.

Tickets for “Laugh After Death” are on sale now at Harvest Moon, Posie’s, Vintage on Hastings, Hospice House and online at This is a licensed event and all proceeds support Hospice North Hastings. Doors open at 6pm and the laughs start at 7pm.