Turbulent Heart at AGB an emotional response to today’s world

Turbulent Heart VII for BarbLiving in North Kawartha, on the edge of the Canadian Shield for the past 29 years, artist Molly Moldovan is driven by the dynamics of colour on canvas. One of the original founders of the Apsley Autumn Studio Tour, Moldovan says the “Turbulent Heart” of this exhibition at the Art Gallery of Bancroft that opens on Feb. 28, is her own.

“These paintings are an emotional, subjective response to being in today’s world, a place of political and social upheaval and dangerous imbalances,” Moldovan explains.

Just like world events, changing day to day, each of Moldovan’s pieces in this new show are completely different; unlinked.

“Some are totally non-objective,” Moldovan explains. “Others more readily lend themselves to interpretation within the strictures of realism, although that is never my design or desire.  What I am hoping that viewers will ‘get’ about my work is the joy of making art, the emotion that I experience when I’m making the piece.  They don’t have to experience the same emotion, but I’m hopeful that they will be moved by the work.”

Turbulent Heart VI for BarbAs an artist, Moldovan says she is moved by the dynamic shifting of colour in space and in her work, there is a constant struggle with the divide between the aesthetically pleasing and work that is reflective of our tumultuous world.

Moldovan’s pieces, heavy with colour, pull her audience in to the intricate layers of abstraction that she builds on canvas in her Tallan Lake Studio, while loud rock music fills the empty space around her.

Outside of her studio, Moldovan lives surrounded by water, trees and a dramatic, shifting skyscape.

Fall colour, florid sunsets, crystalline night skies, and the stunning instant absence that is a lunar eclipse; each of these images dance their way into the play of colour and line that become her paintings. Her paintings begin as ideas about landscape, then finish with an essence intact – the final image to be felt as much as seen.

Moldovan says her show at the AGB is intuitive; an expression of emotion that is informed by her own sensibility and world view.

“Try to not see the work as representational – not to try to identify reality within the work, but to look and feel whatever response the work evokes in you,” Moldovan says. “Abstract expressionism relies on the ability of the artist to receive the world’s experience as an individual, then, to render back something universal that leaves us feeling larger, as if we’ve journeyed together to the land of the possible.”

Turbulent Heart will be on display at the Art Gallery of Bancroft from Feb. 28 through Mar. 31. The opening reception on Mar. 2 starts at 7:30pm and Moldovan will be there to share the journey through her work with local art enthusiasts.

Turbulent heart III for Barb