Hospice receives knife donation

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A selection of pocket knives that will be for sale at Vintage on Hastings.

Hospice North Hastings has received an unusual donation that will delight local hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

“We’ve received a donation of knives,” says Hospice coordinator, Heather Brough. “All kinds of brand-new knives.”

The donation happened thanks to a Hospice supporter who grew-up in Bancroft and who was in the right place at the right time.

A large estate had been donated to the Hospital for Sick Children and Princess Margaret Hospital, in Toronto, and one of the estate lots was a selection of knives. The legal team working on liquidating the estate didn’t know what to do with the knives, so the Hospice supporter suggested that Hospice North Hastings could sell them in a community that would appreciate the knives. Both Hospitals agreed and were happy that a not-for-profit in a rural community would receive the gift.

Heather Brough says Hospice North Hastings is grateful for the donation.

“At a time when we’re paying to hire our own PSWs for the Residential Hospice House, we’re grateful for the additional support,” she says. “Honestly, we will work with any donation. We love when people think outside of the box to support us.”

Brough says that new knives will arrive weekly at Vintage on Hastings where they will be sold. There are jack knives, hunting knives, chef knives and more.

“We’re learning a lot about knives right now,” she laughs. “There will even be shark knives!”

Photos of the knives will be posted on the Vintage on Hastings Facebook page as they arrive and anyone with questions is asked to pop-by the store at 67 Hastings Street North. All proceeds from this donation will support the free programs and services that Hospice provides in homes across North Hastings as well as supporting the care provided in the Residential Hospice House for North Hastings in downtown Bancroft.

“We are so thankful to the supportive hunting, fishing and outdoors community that will be purchasing these knives,” Brough says.

With the first boxes unpacked and on display at Vintage on Hastings, Brough and her team of volunteers are having fun thinking-up sale slogans.

“Right now, our favourite is ‘have a knife day,’” Brough laughs.

Vintage on Hastings is open Monday through Friday from 10 am – 5 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm.