Enjoy an epic Lake Superior adventure from a seat at the Village Playhouse

Wilderness Trails_WEBTwo guys, six days, 65 kilometres, 90 pounds of gear and an endless amount of natural beauty along the Eastern Shore of Lake Superior is all eloquently captured in the short documentary film, “Wilderness Trails.”

The doc, set to screen on July 25th at the Village Playhouse in Bancroft, delivers stunning visuals while hinting at the physical and emotional challenges faced by filmmakers, Daryl Phillips and Scott Jordan when they set out to capture their passion for outdoor adventure in August of 2018.

With 25 years of canoe trips and hikes as a foundation, Phillips is no stranger to traveling by his own steam. Phillips says each journey brings a renewed connection to the power of nature and inspires a reverence for the sacredness of the spaces that these trails traverse.

The documentary is subtle with layered sounds and visuals. And while the film is not a “how to,” on remote hiking, watching the film, on the big screen, gives you a sense that you were there with Phillips and Jordan as they crossed some of Canada’s most impressive topography.

There are subtle tips along the way and the perspective shared through the minimalist script does impart wisdom to those who might be interested in planning their own pilgrimage in the future. Still, Phillips says the process is not really about guiding others – it’s about inspiring others.

“I do this for me,” Phillips says of his need to make documentary films. “I love the creative process, creating memories that will be stimulated by watching the film again and again. It also gives people a chance to watch – people who might not ever take on something like this.”

Phillips and Jordan will be at the July 25th screening to participate in a Q&A after the film and the creative team anticipate questions from what to bring on a hike to how to shoot a doc with minimal gear and crew. All questions will be welcomed.

“Wilderness Trails” screens at the Bancroft Village Playhouse on Thursday, July 25th at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and proceeds support Hospice North Hastings. This is a family-friendly event that will appeal to those who thrive on outdoor adventure but also to those who like to take intellectual adventures from a comfortable seat, a bit closer to home.