A lighthearted look at a fascinating plant, for the “Cannacurious,” at the Village Playhouse

IMG_E2435 (2)There is a lot of curiosity about cannabis and with legalization reducing stigma, now is a great time to get the information you have always wanted.

In partnership with the Village Playhouse, as part of their “Caring through Culture” initiative, the “cannacurious” are invited to a special presentation focusing on everything you ever wanted to know about cannabis – but were too embarrassed to ask your kids.

Barb Shaw has been writing about cannabis for media outlets across the Country for longer than she cares to admit. From the legacy (illegal) market to medpot to recreational use, she’s done the research and is happy to share up-to-date information on the hearty plant that grows all around the globe.

“Since legalization hit, I am often asked questions about the plant, the flower, how to grow, how to use – you name it,” Shaw explains. “This is going to be a fun, lighthearted, stigma-free evening for those who just want to know more about this really fascinating plant.”

Shaw hopes to cover history, including prohibition, uses as well as an overview of different strains.

The evening will include storytelling and lots of audience participation.

“I want this to be a night where folks can ask some questions, share stories and gain knowledge about something that has been a bit of a taboo,” Shaw says. “At a minimum, by the end of the night you will know what Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), Indica and sativa mean. You’ll also have some laughs and maybe help to further reduce stigma.”

The age of majority event is being hosted at the Village Playhouse on Thursday March 19th at 7pm, by donation. All donations will go to Hospice North Hastings.

Cannacurious event