Plan B creates conversation capital.

Using traditional and social media as powerful tools, your brand will be crafted and then taken to the all the right places to generate fans, chatter and sales.

From small campaigns, product launches or full communication strategy, Plan B has you in the spotlight.

Brand Development

Your brand is an identifier, a connection, a short cut, a relationship and a promise. Your brand is what turns shoppers into buyers and makes or breaks your sales. Brands, without assessment and monitoring can be accidental and no one likes an accident.branding

Plan B works to assess where your brand is, what it is and what it means to your market. Then Plan B helps you drive your brand to the place you want it to be.

With branding exercises and some creative sessions, your corporate brand document will be created for you to use as a road map to future growth. It’s a fun process and it’s affordable.

Your brand document is the foundation for your marketing materials, your online presence and for how your team interacts with potential clients. It’s also about defining your space in competitive markets.

Social Media

If you don’t know how to get the most out of social media, you’re not alone. There are great ways to drive sales and awareness through social media but it’s not always easy to figure out. Social media is a big part of what Plan B does. When you’re tired of trying what you’ve been trying then move to Plan B.

Native Advertising

Display ads work but in print media a good story can drive way more sales. This is native advertising. Plan B will craft amazing stories that showcase your brand. We’ll take great pictures and then push the final pieces to media outlets while you get ready for new customers and increased sales.


Marketing gets you noticed and will drive customers your way. Marketing is not guess work. It’s actually a precise, calculated process that can take years to learn. Plan B can take a look at what you need to sell and then develop the plan that either of us can implement. With budgets big or small, we can boost sales.

Communications Consulting

Plan B can work with your company to ensure that you are always communicating the right thing at the right time to the right audience. From social media strategy to media training for those who are in the spotlight – we can make your message more awesome.


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