Get help with Social

BAbs-19Stop hating on social and use it for good

It’s a thing right now – hating on social. I get it.

As a trainer, teaching people how to use social, I hear that all the time.

Social grabs our attention, it wastes our time, it makes us angry and often it shines a light on how boring or basic we are as members of society.

But that doesn’t mean you should ban it or totally step away.

What you might want to consider, (speaking now in a soothing yoga voice), is taking a closer look, take a deep breath and then as you exhale, commit to learning how to use this tool for good. (Soothing yoga voice out).

Social is a tool.

Facebook, Twittter and Instagram (and yes, front row guy with your hand-up, there are many more) are all new communication platforms and yes they have been manipulated, hacked, overrun by bots and members of the “outrage police,” but that’s what happens when you start using a tool with zero training.

Example: I once carved a pumpkin with a power tool drill to try to make it all Pinteresty and because I didn’t know anything about the drill nor did I understand the potential of a pumpkin in a partial state of decomposition, the result was a total mess.

So don’t use a tool without training.

The social training I do is not about creating click bait. It’s about understanding how these platforms work and then focusing on creating relevant content. And if you want to hate on something – hate on crappy content.

Social gives you the opportunity to share content that you create or that you find in a really efficient manner. That’s good.

Understanding how to create the content, when to share, where to share and when to just keep your fingers still is where we all could use some help. (Yes, I can help you).

The four long years I spent in journalism school taught me how to research, how to think critically, how to craft and share stories. It also taught me about when something was not a story. I studied ethics and philosophy, science and politics. I never wanted to stop learning and sharing the interesting things I was building my personal foundation with.

When I entered the working world, I continued to learn and evolve. Long discussions with editors and producers helped to further develop my sense of what makes great content and I always felt the stomach butterflies of anxiety when my work was published because I knew how important it was to get things right. The first time.

Then social emerged. It was exciting to watch it evolve and to see people express their thoughts and ideas without filters. And then it started to horrify me that there were no filters.

So many people taking hard stands on difficult topics; screaming though ALL CAPS in one-sided rants.

And then the trolls. The haters. The stalkers.

For all the things that I did not want to see, and for all the times that I posted the wrong things and got trolled, there were, of course, bad feelings. But social is still an incredibly important platform so I decided to take lessons from what I was learning each day as I worked in communications with this powerful beast. And I started thinking about how it could get better and the answer is with training.

So that’s what I do. I help people learn how to use this tool.

I’ll share my experience on these new platforms and help you learn to develop content that will get people excited about your amazing stories. I will help you understand how to navigate the territory of trolls and the outrage police.

And then I am counting on you to like and share what you’ve learned because it’s not too late to turn things around with social. It’s not too late to help everyone communicate in a responsible, engaging, supportive way that will build real communities again.

That’s what it’s about.

So stop hating on social and learn how to use it for good.